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La Zenia is a charming coastal urbanization located in the Orihuela Costa area of the Valencian Community province of Alicante, Spain. This area is popular among tourists due to its exceptional Blue Flag beaches, including Playa La Zenia and Cala Cerrada.

La Zenia is also home to the well-known Zenia Boulevard, the largest shopping mall in the Costa Blanca region, offering a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and bars. The area also boasts a further choice of commercial centres, including Orihuela Costa Resort and a number of other restaurants and bars.

Renting a car while staying in La Zenia can offer many benefits. One of the main advantages is the convenience of having your own vehicle to explore the area. While public transportation is available, it can be limiting and time-consuming. Having a rental car allows you to easily visit neighboring towns and attractions, such as Torrevieja or the historic city of Cartagena.

Additionally, renting a car can provide a sense of independence and flexibility, allowing you to create your own itinerary and travel at your own pace.

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Stunning La Zenia Beaches and Coastal paths

Benefits of Car Rental in La Zenia

Another benefit of renting a car in La Zenia is the ability to easily access nearby attractions. For example, there are several golf courses in the area, including Villamartin, Las Ramblas, and Campoamor, which are all within a short drive from La Zenia. A rental car can also take you to the salt lakes of Torrevieja, which are famous for their therapeutic properties.

La Zenia is a family-friendly destination, with plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. Children will love playing in the outdoor water fountains at Zenia Boulevard or visiting the nearby Aquopolis water park in Torrevieja. A rental car can also take you to the nearby Go-Kart track, where you can enjoy a fun-filled day of racing.

La Zenia is a picturesque destination with many attractions and activities to offer. Renting a car while staying in the area can provide numerous benefits, including the convenience of exploring the area at your own pace, the ability to access nearby attractions, and the opportunity to create your own itinerary.

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Must-see Destinations Close to La Zenia

La Zenia, located in the Orihuela Costa region, is a beautiful destination with plenty of things to see and do. Here are some must-see destinations close to La Zenia that customers should visit while they have a rental car:

DestinationDistance from La ZeniaHighlights
Cabo RoigShort driveBeautiful beaches, lively atmosphere, bars and restaurants
Torrevieja15-minute driveBeautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, Salt Lakes, promenade, Museum of Sea and Salt
Santa Pola30-minute driveCharming fishing town, beautiful marina, castle, Salinas de Santa Pola natural park
Elche25-minute driveStunning palm groves, ancient ruins, medieval architecture, Palmeral of Elche, Basilica of Santa Maria, Archaeological and History Museum
Cartagena1-hour driveHistoric city, Roman ruins (Roman Theater, Punic Wall), museums, art galleries
  • Cabo Roig: This beautiful coastal town is located just a short drive from La Zenia and is home to some of the best beaches in the area. It is also known for its lively atmosphere, with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from. 
  • Torrevieja: This bustling seaside city is located just a 15-minute drive from La Zenia and is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage. Top attractions include the Salt Lakes, the promenade, and the Museum of Sea and Salt.
  • Santa Pola: Located about 30 minutes from La Zenia, Santa Pola is a charming fishing town with a beautiful marina, a castle, and a variety of shops and restaurants. It is also home to one of the largest natural parks in the region, the Salinas de Santa Pola.
  • Elche: This historic city is located about 25 minutes from La Zenia and is known for its stunning palm groves, ancient ruins, and medieval architecture. Top attractions include the Palmeral of Elche, the Basilica of Santa Maria, and the Archaeological and History Museum.
  • Cartagena: Located about an hour’s drive from La Zenia, Cartagena is a historic city with a rich cultural heritage dating back to ancient times. It is home to a number of impressive Roman ruins, including the Roman Theater and the Punic Wall, as well as several museums and art galleries.

These destinations offer a diverse range of experiences, from beautiful beaches and lively nightlife to rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, these must-see destinations close to La Zenia are sure to impress.

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Hidden Gems not Too Far Away from La Zenia

Destination Key Takeaways
The Palmeral of Elche: A UNESCO World Heritage site located about 30 minutes away from La Zenia. The Palmeral of Elche is an artificial oasis containing some 45,000 date palms and covering 144 hectares, making it the largest palm grove in Europe, located in the south of the province of Alicante, Spain, about 30 minutes away from La Zenia. Visitors can stroll through the palm trees and even take a guided tour.
Altea: This picturesque town is located about an hour away from La Zenia. Altea is a picturesque town known for its white-washed houses, narrow streets, and beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is located about an hour away from La Zenia and is a great place to wander around and enjoy a leisurely lunch.
Cabo de Palos: This small fishing village is located about 40 minutes away from La Zenia. Cabo de Palos is a small fishing village located about 40 minutes away from La Zenia, known for its fresh seafood restaurants, nearby lighthouse, and beautiful beaches.
Calblanque Natural Park: Located about 20 minutes away from La Zenia. Calblanque Natural Park is a protected area located about 20 minutes away from La Zenia, known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Visitors can hike along the coastal trails or relax on the secluded beaches, far away from the crowds of more popular destinations.
Restaurante Almazara: This unique restaurant is located about 20 minutes away from La Zenia. Restaurante Almazara is a unique restaurant located about 20 minutes away from La Zenia, known for its delicious Mediterranean cuisine and beautiful setting in an olive oil mill. Visitors can dine on the terrace overlooking the olive groves and even take a tour of the mill.
Beautiful Palm Trees Park in Elche

Driving Tips in Orihuela Costa and La Zenia

Driving in Orihuela Costa can be a fun and exciting experience, but it’s important to stay safe on the roads. Here are some driving tips to keep in mind when navigating the area.

First and foremost, it’s important to obey local traffic laws and regulations. In Spain, for example, drivers are required to wear seat belts at all times while driving, and the use of cell phones while driving is strictly prohibited. Additionally, speed limits are enforced and it’s important to pay attention to signage, especially in areas with high pedestrian traffic or lots of intersections.

When it comes to parking in popular areas, it’s important to be patient and keep an eye out for available spots. In some areas, street parking may be limited or require payment at a nearby meter. It’s also worth considering parking in a designated parking lot or garage to avoid any potential parking tickets or fines.

Navigating the narrow streets in the area can be a challenge, but taking it slow and staying aware of your surroundings can help. It’s important to be especially cautious when driving in residential areas or areas with heavy foot traffic, as pedestrians may be walking on or crossing the narrow streets.

Finally, defensive driving techniques can be especially helpful in Orihuela Costa. This means staying aware of other drivers, anticipating potential hazards or obstacles on the road, and always being prepared to take evasive action if necessary. By following these tips, you can help ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience in Orihuela Costa.

Tips on Renting a Car in La Zenia

There are a number of car rental companies available in the area, both local and international. Some popular car rental companies include Hertz, Europcar, and Avis, among others. It’s always a good idea to compare rates and reviews before making a final decision on which company to rent from.

When renting a car in La Zenia, it’s important to be aware of the driving laws and regulations in Spain. In general, drivers in Spain must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license (however, many rental companies require a driver to be at least 25 years old due to the limitations from insurance companies). Additionally, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the local traffic laws, including speed limits and rules for parking and driving in certain areas.

While La Zenia is a relatively small coastal resort, having a car can be useful for exploring the surrounding area. There are many nearby attractions, including several golf courses, that may require a car to reach. Renting a car can also be helpful for day trips to other parts of the Costa Blanca Coast, or for exploring the nearby cities of Alicante and Murcia.

When renting a car in La Zenia, be sure to consider factors such as insurance coverage, fuel costs, and any additional fees or charges that may be incurred. Some car rental companies may offer additional services, such as GPS navigation systems or child safety seats, for an extra fee.

Overall, renting a car in La Zenia can be a great way to enhance your visit to this beautiful coastal resort. With a little bit of research and planning, you can find the right rental car and explore all that this area has to offer.